How to Transition From Relaxed to Natural Hair In 7 Steps

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  1. Sonja hall says:

    Thanks u guys great tip.

  2. Angela says:

    Awesome info, thanks. Oh yeah, that’s for the likes as well!

  3. Molade Badero says:

    This was very helpful, it has given me some relief, thanks for the great tips

  4. Noni says:

    Hi I recently started transitioning. I last relaxed my hair February 2015 and I cant seem to manage my hair, its just so painful. So Im always doing protective styles like cornrows or braids. My problem is whenever I have to take the extensions out, my hair sometimes has knots and they’re very painful to comb out. I see pictures of people with long natural hair and their hair always looks curly and soft mine just doesnt look like that. Any suggestions.

    • Lena says:

      Hi. I know its frustrating but the process takes time. You’ll have to do some trial and error to figure out what works best for you. Everybody’s hair is different so it really is an individual experience. You might want to try getting an app that lets you keep a hair journal. That helped me when I started. I also noted that I wasn’t able to determine what my hair liked until I had been out of extensions for several months and my hair had a chance to breathe. Things got a lot easier what I got all of the chemicals out of my hair. Sometimes trying to manage the straight ends with the curly hair makes your hair easier to tangle. I’ll pass this last thing along. If you can, find a stylist that specializes in natural hair to hold your hand while you figure things out. I didnt but maybe i suffered so you wouldn’t have to! ☺ I wish you good luck I’m sure you’ll have it figured out in no time.

    • angie says:

      I found that the max hydration method helpful in keeping my hair manageable to style in braid outs and twist outs

    • berryswtness says:

      Hello dear. The knots you experience is as a result of product build up. Here is what you do: put your hair into four sections,spray with water until it’s fairly damp, then generously add conditioner to the hair(in sections) leave for 10 minutes then start to comb from ends to roots! Be gentle please! It works magic. Please lemme know if it works for you. I’m very sure it would!

  5. Paula Todd says:

    It’s hard but I’m getting there

  6. LaTonya says:

    Hi!!!! That is such great info, the last time I put a relaxer in my hair was May 2015 and boy it has been a struggle for me. But now I have so much information…..I can do this!!!!


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