8 Super-Quick 2-MINUTE Styles On Short 4C Hair!


Look sis... We all know that natural hair can be a pain to style when it is somewhat short. And many who have 4C hair feel even more limited.

You may think that you don't have enough options, that's not the truth though, you just have to know where to look and COLLECT your hairstyle ideas for short hair. [See our short hairstyles photo gallery]

I want you to see what I found on Youtube that made my day because she showed me a hair tying trick that I've never thought about! I love everything about this video. And I aint the only one...

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These Quick Hairstyles On Short 4c Hair Got Em' Going Crazy Baaaby!

You're gonna see the natural hair crowd going wild in her comments girl!

When I tell you that sistas was "in they feelings" after seeing this
video...Honeeeey?!?! No lies have been told!  Check out her vid and look below the vid for my commentary on her smart styling idea after you watch too see if you agree with me...

8 Super Quick Hairstyles on Short 4c Hair Video

Super Cool Idea Using Kinky Extension Hair (not how you think!)

One of the coolest things I learned from Faye's short hairstyle for natural hair video was her ingenious use of kinky-curly extension hair as a hair tie! OMG!

I  have never thought of using kinky extension hair to tie my hair, that is a brilliant way to tie your hair up without worrying about breakage though. OMG!

Don't Sleep On The Small-Time Youtubers With Good Info! 

Listen, one sista named Kaitlyn spoke on it and put it like this...

"FINALLY, someone with actual short 4c hair! So many others say that when really they have armpit length type 3 hair!"

And look, I feel that this tastefully done short 4C hairstyles video is PROOF that so many unrecognized naturals have so much to teach.

Homegirl (Faye) doesn't have a lot of subscribers compared to the "big name" influencers, STILL though, I'm feeling these styles 100%!

If you feel the same way, make sure to click her vid and subscribe! let's look out for one another y'all, tell her BlackhairOMG sent you!

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