Best Edge Control for Coarse Hair - Edge Tamers Natural 4C Hair

best edge control for 4c hair - best edge control for coarse hair  Best Edge Control To Lay COARSE natural 4C Edges & Baby hairs | GOT2B vs Ebin New York
You'll find the best edge control for 4c hair - best edge control for coarse hair...

If you're anything like me, you have type 4 hair and wanna know what's the best edge control for coarse hair RIGHT NOW, right? You want the best edge tamers for natural hair.

Well, you came to the right place hun, because I spent the whole dang day researching the best edge control for 4C hair and I rediscovered an edge tamer product that I'd read about yeaaaars ago, but never tried.

The Trouble Finding The Best Edge Control for 4C Hair...Grrrrr

Me and my kinky hair have been through some battles, ya feel me?

And one of the biggest issues that I've dealt with is not being catered to as a type 4c natural or being able to find the best edge tamers for natural hair that work for MY TRESSES.

Hello?!? Can we get some edge tamer attention over here?

I mean, I see a whole lotta folks with type 4C hair where I grew up and pretty much everywhere I see Black folks. So why is everything made for and marketed to the "curly" more than the "kinky"?

Or atleast it seems like it.

So when I went looking for the best edge control for 4c hair, I went looking for women with coarse hair.

And here's what I found...

Milani's Choice For Best Edge Control for Coarse Hair [REAL 4C]

And there it was, right in the Youtube natural hair community of videos.

And one of the naturally coarse-haired commenters said the same thing that I often think when finding a TRUE 4C coarse-haired Youtuber.

The 1st comment in Milani's comment section says it all, lol…

"It's so nice to find people who have edges like mine!!"

You can probably feel me on this, because if you have ever looked for answers on "Da Tube" about topics like "best edge control for coarse hair", we usually get click baited by fake natural hair Youtubers who claim to have 4C hair, when they're nowhere near it.

Frustrating as crap:

Then when you do stumble upon someone with hair like ours....HONEEEY!

It's on! Because...

...that way we can see if the "4C hair products" they suggest will actually work on our lusciousness. And...

What makes it's really cool is Milani went through the trouble of comparing her little-known favorite edge gel against a super popular type 4 hair edge tamer and showed the INSTANT RESULTS from her favorite edge tamers on each side of her head.

So you'll get to see a direct side-to-side and before and after comparison AT THE SAME DANG TIME!

She Found The Best Pomade for Coarse Hair....EVER!

And yes, her fav, which she calls "the best edge control gels she's ever used" on her TRUE 4C hair won, BIG TIME. And look….

[READ this popular article about the best hair steamers for Black hair]

...And trust me, she gave us a TRUE test, because sis started off with her edges lookin' ALL crusty and dusty, Ha!

No Glazed Donut Lookin' Hairlines In Them Streetz - Best Edge Control for 4C Hair

First off, she used the Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer, which Milani says is one of "the best edge control gels she's ever used", and thank goodness it doesn't leave a white residue behind once it's set, because nobody needs to look like they just got randomly kissed all upside the hairline by some funky stranger eating glazed donuts. LOL.

Besides that though…

…she loves how this natural hair edge tamer makes her edges looking somewhat "relaxed"

And that's exactly what we want y'all, cuz our edges be waaaaay too busy in these streetz, having way too much going on, as if they got a day job and 3 kids to cook later on! Nawww, how bout you chill and relax, edges?


Anywhoo, let me stop cussin' out my AND your edges and get back to how us 4Cs can get some dang control over these bad girls, and look...

Y'all better stop sleeping on these small natural hair Youtube channels, they are dropping knowledge. Then again, that's what I'm here for, to pick through the trash and bring you THE GEMS! So no worries.

Here's the video below about the top pomade or gel for type 4C natural hair:

Bomb Edge Tamer Pomade/Gel for Type 4 Hair - Natural 4C Edges & Baby Hairs (VIDEO)

Listen, y'all already know how much I appreciate finding great products for coarse and kinky hair.

One of The Best Edge Tamers for Natural Hair is Inexpensive too!

The thing that makes this best edge control for 4c hair discovery SO BOMB is that the edge gel product that errrrbody knows about (the Got2B Glued Spiking Glue) is actually more expensive than the winner of her head to head showdown!

So in other words, besides the fact that Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer works better on coarse 4C hair, it's more economical! ( Check out this PUFF TUTORIAL on natural 4C hair!)


It met Milani's results requirements and more, her favorite 4C natural hair edge control gel was...

  • More effective on coarse type 4 hair in a head-to-head match-up.
  • It was cheaper than weaker hold, yet still more popular edge tamers.

So if you're looking for best edge control gel or pomade for 4C hair with REAL holding power for coarse hair and want to spend less than you probably have on your last edge tamer, check out Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer!

Later Lovelies! And thanks for spilling the tea about your pick for "best edge tamers for natural hair" with us Milan!