7 PROVEN Supplements for Black Hair Growth

So you are looking for the proven supplements and vitamins for black hair growth? I got you girly....

As you know I've already shown you how to make your own DIY black hair growth vitamins, but now I will break down each hair growing vitamin and supplement one by one.

Vitamins for Black Hair Growth

1. Biotin for Hair Growth

Biotin is the active ingredient in popular hair growth pills like Hairfinity and The Mane Choice. Biotin encourages protein production so that your body grows more hair and longer, stronger fingernails.

Biotin is known for making your hair texture thick and lush. Biotin is a tried and true hair vitamin for women who have problems with brittle or thinning hair.

The downside to biotin is that it can make you grow more hair on other places on your body, so you may end up shaving alot more while you are on these pills.

Some people also report getting acne from biotin and hair growth products that contain biotin. It really just depends on your body and how it reacts. You may want to take some Omega-3 fish oil supplements to fight against any acne problems that may occur.

I suggest: Natrol Biotin, 10000mcg, 100 pills.
These are the Biotin pills I wrote about when I explained how to make your own "Hairfinity" Pills...

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Hair Growth

Straight up, you probably aren't getting enough omega-3 fats in your diet and it shows in your skin and hair. Don't get it twisted, you eat fats every single day, the problem is the type that you are getting.

omega 3 fish pills for hair
Omega 3's Work Wonders For Your Health & Hair.

Omega-3 fats work to make your body better, they help you not be some dry shriveled up prune. When your hair is concerned, omega-3 fats work to fight against damaged and dry hair, hair loss, and nasty dandruffy scalps.

Omega-3 gives shine, luster and elasticity to dull hair, and sparks the start of new hair growth, on top of that, the dietary fat found in omega-3 fatty acids helps repair and protect skin cells. I'm in my mid-30's and people act like I'm a freaking liar every time I dare tell them my age. Yeah I got that "black don't crack" thing workin' for me, but to be honest I see a lot of black folks that look aged and I know it's because they haven't taken care of themselves like I have.

I take 3-5 a day but I suggest that you have at least one to two capsules of the fish oil a day. Your hair and skin will be brilliant because of it! I'm tryna told ya....

I suggest: OmegaKrill 5X Pure & Potent Fish Oil, I always take fish oil simply for health and fitness, these are the highest-quality you will find.

3. Reserveage Keratin Booster with Biotin & Resveratrol

Unlike every other supplement and vitamin I talk about here, I've never actually taken Reserveage Keratin Booster. The reason I've taken the others vitamins wasn't even specifically for my hair, but because I lift weights very regularly and they are good for the body in so many ways.

keratin booster for black women
This Has Great Reviews Online.

But I've seen such good reviews from women who've tried it that I had to put this on the list.

From the reviews people are saying that after a few months taking these hair vitamins you will be amazed. This product does have Biotin in it, as we already talked about but they have stacked that with Keratin.

Keratin is a natural protein that's made in the body, it repairs damaged hair and protects it from further damage, it does the same for your skin and nails too helping beautify them from the inside-out. ( Find out if your natural hair is protein sensitive )

By all accounts, these hair pills are a nourishing blend of scientifically proven ingredients for improving and maintaining younger-looking, healthier hair, skin and fingernails.

Get Them Here: Reserveage Keratin Booster with Biotin - Resveratrol

4. Vitamin B for Hair Growth:

There are a bunch of different B vitamins and they all do something a little differently in your body to help. You need them all and they work better together as a team to help your hair and your whole body really.

B vitamins for hair growth
B Vitamins Keep Your Body & Hair Healthy.

B vitamins are sooooo critically important for your everyday bodily functions and I take these everyday for the health benefits alone, the hair growth isn't my main focus but if that's your focus you will be happy with the results.

It's easy to get your B vitamins from multivitamin supplements as well as certain foods like eggs, beans, salmon, broccoli and spinach. I still take 3 B-complex vitamins with my food though, B-vitamins are very important to your overall health and your hair benefits from that healthier functioning body.

I suggest getting every B in the spectrum with the B-Complex: Nature Made Super B-Complex Tablets, Value Size

5. Vitamin A for Hair Growth

Vitamin A is another ingredient that you'll find in popular pills for growing your hair like The Mane Choice and Hairfinity, Vitamin A helps to make sebum, sebum is a healthy oil secreted by your scalp that keeps your hair from being brittle and breaking.Vitamin A for Hair Vitamin A also attacks the harmful free radicals that can damage your hair.

You do have to be careful with this Vitamin though, too much Vitamin A can actually make you LOSE hair if you overdose. The most you should ever take per day is 25,000 IU of Vitamin A, whether it's through your food or from supplements.
If you like eating veggies, Kale and Carrots are packed with vitamin A.

Here's a great brand: Nature Made Vitamin A, 8000 IU, 100-Count Softgels

6. Vitamin C for Hair Growth

Not having enough Vitamin C in your body causes weak, dry, dull-looking hair and split ends.Vitamin c for Hair

Your body uses vitamin C to build up collagen, collagen is important for new hair growth. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties reduce the formation of free radicals that attack your hair cells.

It also helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp and follicles.

You can find Vitamin C in lemons, limes, oranges and berries and of course you can take Vitamin C supplements.

I suggest: Nature Made Vitamin C 500mg, 100 Caplets

7. Vitamin E for Hair Growth

Vitamin E is known for how it helps beautify your skin, but your hair gets alot of love from this vitamin too. Vitamin E for HairVitamin E increases blood circulation by helping your body take in and use oxygen better, this creates a good environment for your body to grow more hair.

The recommended dosage of Vitamin E is at least 400 IUs a day. This is another vitamin that needs to be dosed correctly, don't just take a bunch of it without knowing how much is healthy. Too much Vitamin E has a blood thinning effect, at the proper doses it's very healthy for your hair and skin. For more in-depth info about Vitamin and your hair check out this article in naturalnews.com 

Vitamin E can be found in nuts and Vitamin E supplements of course.

I suggest: Nature Made Vitamin E 400 IU

It's Your Choice

All of these hair growth supplements are scientifically proven as the best vitamins for black hair growth, you can take them separately or make your own special mix.

These vitamins are not only good for your hair, but your overall health as well. Take advantage of them. But please remember that it’s important to consult with your doctor before starting on any kind of regimen especially if you’re taking other medications, as some additives in supplements can interact adversely.

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