The Best Hair Growth Pills That Actually Work... A Cheap DIY!

Finding the best hair growth pills that actually work can be confusing. Ya know?

So, are YOU looking for the best Black hair vitamins for 4c hair?

I know sis... And you're not alone.

THE GOOD THING IS... Today you'll learn about...

  • The best hair growth products that actually work
  • Black hair vitamins for 4c hair
  • Results of Hairfinity on 4c hair

You see... I have diligently researched and found the best black hair growth vitamins that will make your natural hair growth journey much easier, you'll get DIY recipes for hair growth pills the best supplements for hair growth and thickness.

The best part is:

Most of these supplements for hair loss in females are currently available to you and have tons of great reviews.

We'll even show you best-seller and the highest-rated Biotin vitamin hair growth shampoo & conditioner SETS for the fastest topical hair regrowth solutions.

A CHEAP FIX For The Best Hair Growth Pills That Actually Work

The best news of all for anybody who is broke or simply like discounts and penny-pinching is that if you need vitamins to grow your hair faster but you don't like the idea of spending $30 a month to take them...

... I'm going to show you how to make MONTHS and MONTHS worth of your own homemade Black hair vitamins for 4c hair for much cheaper that are every bit as good if not better than the name brand Black hair growth products that work, like hairfinity on 4c hair pills.

Even more important than hair growth pills that work fast, please...

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet everyday first and see what happens. That's how to grow black hair the natural and most healthy way.

If you're already eating well and you only need to fill in the few nutritional holes in your diet that are holding back your hair growth, hair vitamins may be the magic ticket.

There are two ways you can go about getting your hair vitamins. You can buy the well-recognized big brands Black hair growth pills that work fast or you can go the cheaper route and make your own hair growth supplements using the same ingredients as the big companies.

I'll teach you how to make your own, but first let's talk about the best name brand black hair growth pills that work fast.

The Best Hair Growth Pills That Actually Work... A Cheap DIY! -  Hair Growth Pills Are Proven To Work. hair growth pills that work fast
Hair Growth Pills Are Proven To Work. Find the best hair vitamins for black hair that actually work.

The Mane Choice Vs. Hairfinity
- The Black Hair Vitamins for 4C hair Battle

No doubt about it. The two tried and true black hair growth product pills that make your hair grow faster and get results are The Mane Choice and Hairfinity.

Many people ask "which vitamin is good for hair growth fast?"...

Answer is:

Both of these makers of Black hair vitamins for 4c hair have tons of testimonials and videos of women showing how much they grew their hair with these tried and tested hair pills that work.

They are proven to work and both brands have their celebrity supporters. Teyana Taylor just showed The Mane Choice some love on her Instagram not too long ago and you know she's got the bomb hair.

Only downside to these Black hair growth products that work is....

  • The High Price-Point: For a 1-month supply you end up paying close to $30 after shipping fees. You're paying for the branding as well as the ingredients.(I'll show you how to make your own MUCH cheaper.)
  • Skin Breakouts: This is caused by the main active ingredient, Biotin. Everyone is different some get a few breakouts and others don't. It really just depends on your body chemistry.

Mane Choice Best Hair Growth Pills for Black Women Reviews...

Check Out this best hair growth pills for black women review from the amazingly gorgeous Jlovelynicole and subscribe to her channel for more info on Black hair growth pills that work fast.

Still though:

Why Not Make Best Hair Growth Products That Actually Work - AT HOME?

Most people don't understand that best hair growth pills that actually work can EASILY be made by everyday people. The key is to know the ingredients, find them, combine them and DONE.

You've made your own DIY Black hair growth products that work fast and for cheap...

Here's the deal:

Every top-notch product has critically important main ingredients that make the product work, then companies throw in a small bit of multiple other ingredients to make the product seem sooooooo complex and unique. Then they name it a "proprietary blend" or "matrix" of ingredients. Sounds intimidating right? Lol...

In reality, it's just the main ingredients doing all the work to grow your hair. The other stuff is meant to throw you off the scent.

True, SOME products are hard to duplicate.

The best hair growth pills that actually work are not one of them, in fact, they are very easy to make for much cheaper yourself by combining the correct ingredients.

To piece together your vitamins for hair growth pills, you first need to know the main (active) ingredients.

The main active ingredient in Hairfinity and The Mane Choice is Biotin. If you'd like to take a look, you can see the main ingredients for Hairfinity here, they're the same ingredients for The Mane Choice.

Along with the all-important Biotin, they've added the very important B-complex vitamins (I take my B vitamins everyday with my food for health) and some other easy to get vitamins like A, C, D and K vitamins.

Because I've taken supplements since a teenager for weightlifting I've become a professional at being cheap and making my own supplements for less money.

How To Make Months Worth of Hair Pills That Work for Less Money

You can make MONTHS & MONTHS worth of hair growth vitamins for less than you'd pay for a 1-month supply from the big name brands (somebodies gotta pay for their marketing and advertising costs right?)...

And these are homemade hair pills recipes that work, without a doubt.

Let's Get To It.. Make DIY Black Hair Growth Products That Work Fast

So let's break this down to a science to making hair pills that work...

Starting with the main ingredient, Biotin, we see that Hairfinity doses it at 2,500 mcg per serving (2 pills), and many have been saying they are getting better results with The Mane Choice and I see why.

The Mane Choice gives you TWO times as much Biotin than Hairfinity, 5,000 mcg per serving (2 pills).

Now check this out, you can get high-quality Natrol Biotin for $14, and how much do you get? 100 pills that each have 10,000 mcg!! So ONE PILL has 2 times more biotin than 2 pills from The Mane Choice and 4 times as much as a serving of Hairfinity!

In other words, you'll have a 6 1/2 month supply if you take half a pill a day, the same dosage of biotin as The Mane Choice. You'll have a WHOLE YEAR'S supply if you dose it like Hairfinity. This is VERY easy to figure out.

Now, what about the other vitamins and B-complexes? Well, that's easy too.

For years I've taken Opti-Men multi-vitamins and I'm in love with what they do for my body. They have a women's version called Opti-Women, they are extremely high quality (don't buy crappy vitamins, they're useless) and these multivitamins have all those same B-vitamins and the rest that you need inside them.

best hair growth pills that actually work  Opti-Womens Mutivitamins With Premium Biotin and POW! the best hair vitamins for black hair. pills that make your hair grow faster. hair growth pills that work fast
Take 1 Opti-Womens Mutivitamin With Natrol Biotin and POW! You made hair growth pills that work fast!

If you look at the ingredients, you'll see you can also take a half dose of these (1 pill) and get the same if not more of the same exact vitamins in the expensive brand name hair pills. One Opti-Women pill a day will last you 2-months if you buy the $10 bottle from Amazon.

So for $24 total you can have AT LEAST a two-month supply of top-notch hair pills with tons of Biotin left over. If you get the bigger bottle of Opti-Women multivitamins (120 pills) and match that up with your Natrol Biotin  you'll have a four-month supply of the best hair vitamins for faster hair growth for about $30.

It's EVERY BIT as effective, if not better than the more expensive hair growth pills because you get more helpful vitamins & minerals with the Opti-Womens multi.

Sooooo, do you love me or do you reaaaaally love me? Yeah you love me, back atya kiddo.

I know these best hair growth pills for black women reviews got you hype and now you even know how to make your own inexpensive natural vitamins for hair growth

P.S. If you really wanna go next level on em', add fish oil to your diet or supplement it, fish oil works wonders for your hair and skin health. Oh and a little thing called your brain as well.... Stay healthy and beautiful!

P.S.S. It’s important to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before starting on any kind of regimen especially if you’re taking other medications, as some additives in supplements can interact adversely.