Hair Growth Vitamins Supplements for Hair Loss in Females

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t typed “Hair Growth Vitamins Supplements for Hair Loss in Females” into Google more than a couple of times. And if you’ve ever accidentally gotten a very extreme haircut, you probably have, too. (Maybe it's what brought you to this article.) For me, it was just that my hair grows really slowly.

Secondly, the minerals zinc and selenium hair growth vitamins can be especially beneficial. Zinc improves oil production (in a good way, to produce the necessary amounts of sebum), and is one of the best means of slowing hair loss. Selenium prevents and combats dandruff and dry, itchy scalps, which can hinder hair’s path to prominence. Find supplements that combine any and all of these vitamins and minerals for more proactive defense against hair loss.

Perhaps I'm genetically predisposed to have sluggish follicles, or maybe all those years of straightening finally caught up with me, but I noticed about a year ago that my hair no longer grew as steadily as it did when I was younger. It has always been on the thinner side, but it was staying on the shorter side, too. It didn't seem to get any longer, regardless of how much time passed, as if the ends just evaporated into thin air. For a while, I didn't even bother getting it cut anymore.

Like the Hair, Skin, and Nails pills you've probably already tried, Viviscal supplements contain Biotin. But there are other ingredients mixed in, like vitamin C, apple extract, and a marine complex they call AminoMar (there's more of this in the Viviscal Professional line than the Viviscal Extra Strength version).

Viviscal's literature says it's been clinically tested for 25 years, but the majority of its trials focus on older men who are balding, or women who experience hair loss and are looking to increase their number of hair strands. But even if that’s not your profile (it isn’t mine), the supplements should help existing hair, too. There are a lot of reasons for wanting to give your hair some help.

Do vitamins like bamboo extract for hair loss and supplements for hair loss—or for hair growth, however you want to look at it—actually work? The answer is complicated. Maybe not always in the way you intend. But in general, sure.

Vitamins A and C, Zinc, and Selenium
While Vitamins A and C both help the scalp to produce healthy amounts of sebum—which keeps hair healthy, nourished, and lustrous—they have their individual benefits as well. Vitamin A helps reduce breakage, while Vitamin C improves iron absorption and collagen production, both of which assist in the formation of strong hair.

We’ll explain more, and recommend some of our favorites, but first, let’s get one thing out of the way: If you’re thinking about taking supplements for hair loss, then know that they are exactly that—supplements.

Hair Growth Vitamins Supplements for Hair Loss in Females

Saw palmetto is often advertised as a DHT blocker in supplements, shampoos, conditioners, and the like. That’s because it is believed to block the enzyme that turns testosterone into DHT (that is, dihydrotestosterone, an androgen that can lead to hair loss). So, it can slow hair loss by significantly inhibiting the main culprit. (As an added benefit, it promotes prostate health, too.)

They should not be your primary plan. For that, you need to visit your dermatologist and ask about hair loss remedies like finasteride, minoxidil, and PRP. Or, if you want to cut to the chase, then meet with a digital dermo and sign up for an at-home hair loss subscription from Hims or a similar provider. (Just be sure to monitor usage closely, per possible side effects. Your doctor’s expertise will be essential during the process, to make sure all is going as planned.)

Biotin, sometimes called vitamin H, is a B-complex and MSM for hair growth vitamin supplements that strengthens protein structure in your skin, hair, and nails. You probably know it as the supplement people take to grow out their hair faster. And that’s exactly what it does: It helps hair grow faster and stronger, though you’ll first notice the increased frequency with which you’re clipping your nails. As a solution to hair loss, well…it isn’t one.

Folic acid improves circulation and stimulates cell growth, while Niacin also boosts circulation. You may see folic acid listed as Vitamin B9, and Niacin as B3. Either way, they improve nutrient delivery to your hair follicles—meaning they also heighten the performance of all the other vitamins and minerals. I started noticing a difference around two and a half months into my twice-daily hair growth pills. When I would grab my hair to throw in a ponytail, it felt thicker to me. I also noticed it looked better after my usual morning shower and styling, like it was sturdier, or livelier. So I pressed on and continued to buy more supplements when I ran out.

This is the same approach that minoxidil drops or foams take (you may know minoxidil as Rogaine), though minoxidil one is far more effective as a tactic against hair loss. Folic acid and niacin are, once more, a supplement to those efforts.

But if you are taking the aforementioned hair loss prescriptions (like finasteride and minoxidil), then it will help expedite and fortify your hair regrowth. Similarly, it will strengthen the remaining hairs you have. So in that way, it could slow hair fall on the follicles that are withering away, but we won’t soon be endorsing it as a solution to the problem.

Take the Hims biotin sugar gummy on the daily, if you want to make it fun. They also include vitamins that benefit heart, nerve, and digestive health, in addition to many of the below nutrients, too.

Popular Hair Growth Vitamins Supplements for Hair Loss in Females

Risks and warnings
Adding more biotin-rich foods to your diet doesn’t carry any risks. However, you should always check with your doctor before adding a new supplement to your routine. Biotin doesn’t have any known interactions, but your doctor should still confirm supplement use alongside any other medications you may be taking. Your doctor can also provide more individual information about prenatal hair growth vitamins and biotin dosage and potential side effects.

One box of Viviscal Professional cost $60 in the salon, for a month's supply of twice-daily pills, and my stylist let me know that it would take at least three months to see results. The bottle promised to "nourish" my hair follicles and "promote growth from within." I wasn't convinced, but I knew I'd be back in the salon in six months for another trim (because this kind of maintenance is also crucial for healthy hair growth), and if the pills worked, I could have longer, thicker hair by then. The purchase was made and that was that.

When I'm extremely loyal to the pills, and focused on maintaining the twice-a-day regimen, my hair rewards me with some growth, a more bountiful feel and appearance — and I swear it's better behaved and better looking, too. I'm not sure if this means I have to keep taking them forever.

So did these supplements give me the mermaid-meets-Rapunzel hair of my dreams? No. Did they make a difference instantly, like before that big date you have coming up this weekend? Sadly, no.

Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins Supplements for Hair Loss in Females

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, so any extra biotin in your body will flush out through your urine. This makes a potential overdose unlikely. If you develop an unusual or unexpected skin rash after increasing your biotin intake, see your doctor. In rare cases, this is a sign of biotin overdose. SEE: Prenatal Vitamins supplements in Shampoo for Hair Growth

But if you are willing to make a big commitment, for a result that may only be noticeable to you, then go for it. Like I thought when I first swiped my credit card to buy a box: I'll be getting another hair trim in six months regardless; it would be cool if there was actually some more hair to trim. And, for me at least, there has been.

Hair Growth Products That Work for Black Hair [REALLY!]

Hair Growth Products That Work for Black Hair - It is every woman’s dream to get their hair to grow as much as possible. However, hair growth requires a lot of maintenance and sometimes the use of some products that support hair growth. Some women do not have an issue when it comes to getting their hair to grow.

If your hair growth journey has been disappointing and you’re fed up — we feel you. Sometimes otherwise healthy hair arrives at a standstill and for more stubborn locks, sometimes you need a potent concoction to get those follicles in action.

How to prevent hair breakage
You need to avoid brushing wet hair. Hair is most fragile when it is wet. Brushing wet hair can cause severe damage.

You also need to avoid blow drying the hair immediately after the shower. It is wise to wait until the hair is halfway dry before exposing it to the heat of a blow dryer. When you blow dry while the hair is extremely wet, the heat becomes excess, and this result in hair breakage.

When curling, blow drying or straightening the hair using heat, it is essential to use a heat protectant. Applying a heat protectant helps to protect the hair from heat damage.

It is also crucial to ensure that you do not expose your hair to too much heat. When using heat to style your hair, always consider a low amount of heat. If possible, you can altogether avoid heat.

Air drying the hair is also most convenient when it comes to preventing breakage as a towel can be rough on the hair.

You can also use lotion on your hair as it helps to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage.

Hairstyles like tight ponytail can also result in hair breakage and damage.

What is the Best Hair Growth Product for Black Hair

When it comes to hair maintenance, it takes more than a single hair product. Most of the products discussed above come in a set. Each product reviewed in this article can go a long way in helping you maintain your hair and encouraging active hair growth.

Why is this?
The reason is that black hair is naturally coarse, thick, and curly. This means that simple actions like combing through the hair can lead to breakage. On the other hand, black women use a lot of products to tame their hair and these products many are times are the reason why the hair gets damaged due to the chemical content making it difficult to maintain a healthy hair that can grow naturally.

Who better to aid you in your quest for long locks than Black women who know our hair and how to get it to respond? We poured through the comments of highly-rated oils to see exactly why users love these carefully curated blends and brought you only the best there was to offer.

Essential Oils
The oils from rosemary, sage and lavender are natural products that aid in the stimulation of the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp. You can use these oils daily as a hair rinse or a moisturizer for constant scalp stimulation. Hair Growth Products That Work for Black Hair

Dr. Miracle
In an interview with "Hype Hair" magazine, Eugene Smith, a celebrity stylist, advocates the use of Dr. Miracle's Temple and Nape Balm. It is inexpensive, costing less than $10, and is used to stimulate the areas on the scalp most susceptible to hair loss.


Our little one’s strands are delicate and prone to damage. When we wash their hair with harsh chemicals, we can damage the hair and strip it of it’s natural oils. This in turn makes hair very dry and brittle. It really helps when it has sea moss added for a boost in hair growth.

Companies are starting to listen to its customers and have created shampoos for kids with natural hair that cleanse the hair without robbing it of its moisture.

    When we shampoo our child’s hair, we want to make sure that we replenish the moisture that was lost during the shampooing process. A great way to moisturize the hair is by deep conditioning. When done properly, deep conditioning treatments strengthen the hair, replenish much needed moisture in the hair, soften the hair strands, prevent damage and split ends, and make detangling a breeze.

When it comes to women of African American descent, hair growth is such a tasking endeavor. It takes more than just essential maintenance for black hair to grow and stay healthy. Black hair is vulnerable to breakage, hair frizz, and several hair issues that do not support the healthy growth of the mane.

Hair Growth Products That Work for Black Hair

I’ve learned to detangle my child’s hair with my hands ONLY when wet and saturated with a lot of conditioner. You have to be as gentle as possible and use a product that gives you A LOT of slip when running your fingers through it. If you must use a comb, make sure it’s a wide tooth comb.

Zenwise Health has come up with these vitamin supplements that contain biotin and DHT blockers that are the perfect combination when it comes to fighting hair loss. The vitamins are supplemented with 25 powerful ingredients that help to nourish the weak and brittle hair giving both men and women a healthier, stronger, and softer mane.

Haircare XL is a supplement that has been manufactured with DHT blockers that reverse the influence of DHT, which cuts the blood supply to the hair follicles. By doing so, it eliminates hair loss. It also contains hair growth vitamins that work together to stop hair loss and to help the hair to grow back and thickens the hair.

It is manufactured from more than 25 natural and safe ingredients that work from within to help stop hair loss, thinning, hair shedding, and balding. They repair the dormant follicles of the hair hence promoting new hair growth or fast hair re-growth.

The Biotin shampoo for hair growth and Vitamin B7 that is present in this formula help to restore the thickness and strength of the hair as well as it’s naturally shone. These supplements also contain several vitamins like Vitamins A, C, E, B6, and B12, which help keep the hair healthy and growing. The grape seed extract that is one of the ingredients of this product help to maintain the scalp and protect the hairline as well.

Protective hairstyles are those that protect the ends of your hair from breaking, and over exposure to harsh elements. Protective styles prevent manipulation of the hair thus encouraging hair growth and length retention. Protective styles include two-strand twists, flat twists, cornrows, braids, buns, up-dos, wigs, and weaves. When hair is properly moisturized, and protective styled, it flourishes!

This is one of the most revolutionary hair growth products in the market. It is an FDA approved hair loss treatment and medical device that is used to treat conditions like alopecia, receding hairline, balding, and thinning of the hair. Additionally, this device is also designed to stimulate hair growth and re-growth in both men and women. Hair Growth Serum for Black Afro-textured Hair.

Your child’s eating habits and water consumption are directly related to their hair health and growth. Eating healthy and nutritious fresh and organic foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals in diatomaceous earth fossil shell flour hair growth products , proteins, good fats and carbohydrates are essential to growing their hair fast.

If you haven’t already heard about the benefits of these foods, you might want to try incorporating some of them into their diet. You might be surprised with the results! Check out: 10 Foods That Help Grow Your African American Child’s Hair

The manufacturers of this device guarantee 100% results in three to six months of failure to which they guarantee a refund for the device. The device is a sort of helmet that has been proven to be 100% clinically safe to use by both men and women. It is a comfortable device that is built to fit all shapes and sizes of heads and hair volumes. Hair Growth Products That Work for Black Hair.

How to Make Hair Grow Faster Overnight Naturally Home Remedies

How to make hair grow faster overnight naturally home remedies are evereywhere... A basic hair care routine can go a long way in ensuring healthy hair. Experts caution against an overdependence on chemical products though, when it comes to chalking out a robust hair care plan. Instead, look for natural remedies — in fact, you can find some of the hair solutions in your own home. You'll also learn about how to regrow your hairline and edges.

There are several ingredients, which are easily available in your kitchen, that can fight hair fall, dandruff and scalp infections. Here are some of the most effective home remedies for hair growth that can come in handy for your hair. So lets learn how to make hair grow faster overnight naturally home remedies.

A lack of zinc in the body can lead to hair loss or impeded hair growth.

Other minerals that are necessary to prevent hair breakage and promote long and strong tresses are iron, copper, magnesium, and selenium.

Address underlying medical issues
The “root” of your hair problems can sometimes be traced back to some undetected health issues. In such a case, any random hair treatment will most likely yield little to no positive results.

You have to seek proper diagnosis and treatment for the underlying cause before you can expect any noticeable improvement in the state of your hair.

People who are on certain medications can also face hair thinning and extensive hair fall as a side effect. Some common classes of drugs that can affect your hair are:

Best Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth – Prevent Hair Loss

Long, luscious hair is a desire that keeps pricking you. For many years, people in the world have searched and tried different types of home remedies for hair growth. However, each of the hair strands has a life of hair growth cycle with different stages in it. By the time you reach middle age, which is around 30 years, hair growth slows down.This happens due to hormonal imbalances, excessive stress and an imbalanced diet.

Scientists and doctors are still working on the best products for hair and there are a wide range of over the counter hair growth potions as well, but in most cases these chemical laden solutions do more harm than good in the long run and therefore it is best to opt for natural remedies for hair growth that have no side effects.

Anyone with long and thick hair is seen as healthy and strong. Your hair defines how healthy your mind and body are. And the best way to maintain the health of your hair is by using natural remedies and nourishing.

Get proper nutrition
A wholesome, well-balanced diet that fulfills all the nutrient requirements of your body is an essential prerequisite for healthy hair. And don't worry about if the inversion method works for hair growth or not.

Make it a point to include essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins in your diet since deficiencies can have negative implications for hair growth and texture.

For instance, not getting enough vitamin E and zinc can accelerate hair thinning and hair fall.

How castor oil works: It has been traditionally used for treatment of damaged scalp and hair loss. Castor oil is rich in proteins, minerals and Vitamin E and therefore it works as a magic potion for your hair. What's more, castor oil has ricinoleic acid and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, which boost blood circulation to the scalp, thereby increasing hair growth. Castor oil can also be used to tackle split ends.

Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil
Remedies for hair growth are incomplete without the inclusion of curry leaves into it. Curry leaves are widely used in Indian cuisine for tampering the dishes, but it is also one of the most effective herbs for grey hair that also aids in promoting hair growth. You might have heard your grandmothers say that curry leaves are good for hair. Curry leaves work well, not just by applying its paste to the hair, but also by eating it.Whenever you cook something with curry leaves in it, eat up the leaves! As for coconut oil, its benefits for hair health need no new introduction. It is by far the best remedy for hair loss and promoting hair growth. The fatty acids in coconut oil bind with the hair proteins and protect the hair strands from root to tip and prevent breakage. It seals the moisture in hair by penetrating through the hair shaft and provides protection against pollution and heat.

Whenever you cook something with curry leaves in it, eat up the leaves! As for coconut oil, its benefits for hair health need no new introduction. It is by far the best remedy for hair loss and promoting hair growth. The fatty acids in coconut oil bind with the hair proteins and protect the hair strands from root to tip and prevent breakage. It seals the moisture in hair by penetrating through the hair shaft and provides protection against pollution and heat.

Here are a couple of home remedies, starring amla, for damaged hair:

In a bowl, mix 2 teaspoons of amla powder and 2 teaspoons of shikakai powder and a little bit of water to make a smooth paste. Don't let it get watery. Apply the mix on your scalp and hair and wait for about 45 minutes. After this, shampoo your hair in normal water. You can follow this routine once a week.

Heat 2 teaspoons of coconut oil till it turns brown. Add a teaspoon of amla powder and let the mixture cool a bit. Massage your scalp with this for about 10 minutes and wait for half an hour or so. Shampoo off. Use a mild shampoo. You can follow this routine twice a week.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla)
Tips to control hair fall and promote hair growth is incomplete without the mention of alma, also known as Indian Goose Berry and it is a popular remedy used in Ayurveda. Regular application of amla directly on hair helps in strengthening the hair follicles, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair breakage and split ends. There are many magical properties of amla; it is filled with antioxidants and vitamin C.

Amla is good for healthy hair growth and is also known for improving the pigmentation of the hair. Mix 2 teaspoons of amla juice with 2 teaspoons of lime juice. Apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it to dry for 2 hours. Rinse off with warm water.

How amla works: It's considered a natural immunity booster. In fact, experts say that it's the most sought-after natural ingredient for hair vitality. Why? This is because amla contains oodles of essential fatty acids, which are said to strengthen hair follicles. Also, a surplus of Vitamin C in amla can prevent premature greying. It's also high in iron and potent antioxidants - ellagic, gallic acid and carotene. The latter improves blood circulation around the scalp thereby stimulating hair growth. What's more, these can also fight dandruff.

Egg Mask
Egg mask is one of the most effective home remedies for dull hair. Healing properties of the egg whites work well to replenish and restore the softness of the hair. With high levels of proteins, zinc, sulphur, iron, phosphorus and iodine, it is the most amazing mask you can apply to your hair for thick hair growth. Crack open two eggs, eliminate the yolk and apply the egg white mask to your hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes. It will look shinier and healthier instantly. If used regularly it will help in growing your hair fast.

What Are The Best Home Remedies For Hair Growth With Coconut Remedies

Through generations, coconut oil has been venerated as a magical home remedy for hair problems.

Heat up 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, add the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Mix well and apply on the hair and scalp. Wait for an hour or so and wash it off with a sulphate-free shampoo. This can help you get rid of dandruff. [ Learn how to grow hair faster with braids ]

Blend coconut oil and a ripe banana together. Add a little bit of coconut milk to the mixture. Apply on the hair and scalp. Let the mixture rest for quite some time and then shampoo off. This is a good anti-hair fall remedy.

Natural Hair Growth Tips for 4C Hair

You’ve probably read a lot of blog posts and watched many videos about natural hair growth tips by now.

4C hair is beautiful and easy to care for as long as you know how to properly clean, moisturize, and maintain it. The best advice you can get on maintaining 4c hair is from women who have plenty of experience with it. Although everyone’s hair is unique, watching others' trials can reduce the stress of finding what works for you.

But just incase you feel like none of these tips work for you and are wondering why your hair is still not growing after doing your best, this blog post might answer all your burning hair growth questions.

That’s why in this post, I will be breaking down hair growth oils and other hair growth tactics, step by step, how to grow your hair in the simplest and easiest way possible.

Don't wash hair that hasn't been detangled. Semi-stretched knotted hair is bad enough as it is. Try removing the knots from perfectly shrunken kinks.
Don't comb dry or soaking wet hair. Lightly moisturize or spritz with wild hair growth oil to make it pliable. Finger detangle each time that you can get away with it.

Follow the directions on your products. The idea of deep conditioning overnight sounds great, but it really doesn't do much for your hair.
Work your product into your hair to make it easier to detangle and give it extra stretch before styling..

But unlike other blog posts out there, I will be diving deep into the science and technicalities of hair growth, so that you have a better understanding of the mechanics of hair growth.

I always provide the “whys” of a problem before I can start sharing the “whats” and “hows”. I believe this is the best way to solve a problem and avoid future occurrences.

FYI, I know this is a LONG blog post, probably the longest you will ever read about hair growth. But I want to make sure I answer all your hair growth questions in one post, rather than sending you all over the place.

I will however provide related posts that I’ve written about hair care so that you can have more comprehensive knowledge about natural hair growth and great hair growth oils for black women.

Don’t pile your coils on top of your head and rub products on your hair. This can cause excessive tangling, single strand knots, and frizz. Not to mention, it can be a nightmare to detangle and style later!
Use a product that has lots of slip. Whether you fingerdetangle or you like to use hair tools, slip will not only save time, but it will allow most knots and tangles to unravel easily without excess strain. A great inexpensive detangler is Silkience Silky-Smooth Conditioner.

Hi, I’m and this is my hair growth progress when I began my natural hair journey. You can read my hair story HERE, it explains why I started this blog to help other Alikay Natural hair growth oils users achieve your hair goals.

Use moisturizing products. 4C hair is usually very dry naturally, so using anything harsh won’t be beneficial when it comes to retaining moisture.
Cleanse your scalp thoroughly. 4C hair is known for having lots of shrinkage. As soon as water hits the tightly coiled strands, up it goes! Be sure your products/fingers are reaching your scalp to properly cleanse away dirt and product buildup. A good tool to try is the Vanity Planet Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush. It works great on wash days.

Don’t rip through knots and tangles! If you feel a knot with your fingers/hair tool, stop and use your fingers to gently remove strands from the knot. Doing so will prevent unnecessary breakage. You may find that the root of the entire knot was only a couple strands.
Don’t overuse styling products. This can lead to crunchy, greasy, weighed down, stiff, and or frizzy hair. Most of the time, a little product goes a long way. See article about Hair Growth Oil: Aloe Vera and Almond Oil for Growing Hair.

4c natural hair growth tips

To get the most out of this blog post, I recommend reading through everything once and then go back to read the related post. This way, you can stay on one page without being distracted. I included the related posts so that you will have a comprehensive understanding about natural hair growth.

Minimal manipulation is key for my hair to thrive. I am very gentle with my strands so I make sure to wash my hair in twists and finger detangle over 90% of the time. This has made a tremendous change in my ends. In addition, deep conditioning is an absolute must. 4C hair craves moisture, but don't expect to achieve maximum moisture retention overnight. Moisture is a journey.

Understanding the Science of Hair Growth
Incase you’re wondering why your hair isn’t growing, you must understand how your hair grows and what it requires to continue growing. This is why I want to discuss the hair growth cycle first.

From the diagram below, you can see that there are four main hair growth stages. Every hair follicle on your scalp where your hair grows out of has its own hair growth cycle that happens independently of the others.

Hair Growth Cycle and Black Hair Growth Tips

  1. Anagen
    This is the birth phase of the hair, it’s also the most active phase because this is when your hair is actively growing. The good news is that this phase takes up about 90% of your hair growth cycle, up to 6 years long! This means that your hair is ALWAYS growing.

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  1. Catagen
    This is when your hair growth factory starts to slow down because it’s preparing for the next phase when your hair stops growing completely.
  2. Telogen
    In this phase, your hair shaft is no longer connected to the dermal papilla, which is like the seed that sparks hair growth.

This stage is considered to be a resting phase because your hair is no longer growing and it’s just waiting to exit the scalp in the next cycle. You have to be consistent to achieve moisturized hair so I deep condition every week.
Avoid drying products such as hard gels and daily styling. Typically, I will do a style that I know can last at least a week such as twists and updos. This is also when your hair reaches its terminal length and can no longer grow longer.

  1. Exogen
    This is when your hair exits the scalp by shedding. At the same time, the dermal papilla is reforming to produce new hair growth out of that hair follicle that just bid fair well to the shed hair.

Hair growth cycle happens simultaneously
Like I’ve mentioned earlier, each individual hair follicle has its own hair growth cycle that runs separately from the others. This is why you still have hair on your head, despite the fact that your hair sheds everyday.

If you believe your hair is not growing because it’s taking forever to grow long, this simple 4 stages of hair growth just proofed that your hair is constantly growing.

If you’re not going bald, it means your hair is growing
If you believe that your hair is not growing, you should notice some bald spots on your head because when your hair shed, new hair never grew out of the follicle.

However, if you don’t have any bald spot anywhere on your scalp, it means that your hair growth cycle is going strong and your hair is always growing.

Your problem might be length retention which I will discuss later on.

Should You Take Biotin for Hair Growth?

Now, let’s discuss the reason why taking biotin is considered unnecessary. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that excess biotin will not be absorbed and your body will flush it naturally.

The Institute of Medicine, which is a national agency that is responsible for setting daily requirements for nutrition values, recommends that an individual intake only 30 micrograms of biotin per day. They haven’t “recommended” a safe upper limit for biotin intake.

While it’s true that many naturals have taken high doses of biotin without any major adverse effects, there are many misconceptions about the vitamin.

The body doesn’t absorb excessive amounts of biotin, so increasing your intake is likely worthless.

The key takeaway is that we don’t recommend taking any dietary supplements (including Biotin) unless you receive prior approval from a medical professional.

Frequently asked natural hair growth questions
Now that I’ve broken down the science of hair growth, I now want to answer some frequently asked questions and address popular hair growth tips from a scientific point and practical point of view.

Why is my hair not the same length?
I’ve had naturalistas ask why one part of their hair is longer than the other side. Some claim that their left side is shorter or longer than the other side.

I currently don’t have a scientific explanation for this, but generally, parts of your head such as your edges will be significantly shorter than the rest. And this is just pre-determined by genetics that controls your hair growth cycle.

Another reason your hair length are uneven can be explained by the simultaneous hair growth cycle that’s taking place all over your scalp.

While a particular follicle might have hair that’s about 6 years old and 12 inches long, a neighboring follicle might have baby hair that’s only a few months old and not longer than 1 inch.

So the next time you start to wonder why one part of your head has shorter hair than the other, remember that each follicle has a different hair growth cycle.

If you believe that one side of your hair is significantly shorter than the other, you can try changing the side you sleep on at night. Instead of sleeping just on one side all night long, you can either sleep on your chest (which is better for you anyway) or sleep on your back.

This way, your scalp is free to produce healthy hair all night long while you sleep.

Ceramic Vapor Hair Steam Flat Iron Reviews

Ceramic Vapor Hair Steam Flat Iron Reviews: If you want to see the best steam flat irons? Another question...

Do steam flat irons work on black hair? The really good flat irons for black hair are ideal for thick, thin, curly as well as coarse hair. FURIDEN ceramic Steam Hair Straightener is one of the best quality professional flat iron that brings out unbend and the frizz-free looking hair with the silky soft look. Ceramic vapor hair steam flat iron reviews will help you find your best option...

Ceramic Vapor Hair Steam Flat Iron Reviews - Good

I saw a review about ceramic vapor hair steam flat iron reviews on YouTube on how it works and the results so I ordered it. Packaging was beautiful but when i opened the box, there was condensation where you put the water as if someone had used it before. It takes awhile for it to heat up and it doesn't steam the whole time.

The steam straightener is ok it does give my hair pretty good body and it does take less time to straighten my hair but the tip of the plastic water reservoir broke and now I can't use the steam flat iron function which is ok and the steam doesn't look like it does on the picture I couldn't see any you could hear something I'm guessing that was the steam on these ceramic vapor hair steam flat iron reviews.

You have to press down hard a couple times for it to start going. My hair was frizzier than when i use a regular straighener. Giving it 3 stars because they did reach out to me and will be refunding. They replied quickly also.

This Professional Hair Straightener Salon Steam Styler features a titanium plate with a coating to help minimize the effects of consistent heat. It reduces frizz for a polished salon-style appearance. This ceramic hair straightener includes an oil/water tank with a lock switch that allows you to achieve a vapor steam. it also has six different temperature settings up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which lets you create a new look daily. Plus, it has a cool tip for added safety and a 360-degree rotatable power cord for ease of use.

Professional Hair Straightener, Salon Steam Flat Iron Straightening Styler:

  • Plug type: US, UK, EU
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Vapor flat iron
  • Titanium plate
  • Cool tip
  • Tank and plate locking switch
  • Ceramic vapor hair steam flat iron reviews
  • 360-degree rotatable power cord
  • Features 6 settings up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ceramic plate coating helps protect hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • Leaves hair healthy and silky
  • Steam flat iron hair straightener with storage case

The best thing since sliced bread because it really straightens well. This flatiron is heavier then the ones your use to because it's well made and delivers professional results.

Make sure you remove the protective film cover off of both plates when you first receive it. Read the instructions so you don't damage your flatiron and to get the maximum benefits from this awesome flatiron. Some say it burns their fingers. Well, turn it down because this staightens my hair on 340. Plus, using the steam function will burn fingers with hot steam. More info on the best steam flat iron for Black hair.

This is why they give you a glove. My hair looks amazing on the 340 setting and no steam function used. For those that don't know how to use a steam flat iron: If it's dripping water. Make sure the little rubber tube that sticks out on the bottom of the water holding tank goes in the base hole of the flatiron before you attach on to base completely.

Also steam irons drip water if your pressing the steam button too much. Remember you only need a puff of steam.

Flat irons with steam work best if there's just a fine puff of steam because if the hair is wet then the hair will not straighten. If no steam make sure you have water in the water holding tank. Turn the dial to allow steam. Allow the flat iron to heat up. Prime the steam button to get air out the line by pressing the steam button a few times until you see steam. See info about the best hair steamers for Black natural hair.

I have purchased this same flat iron by 3 different vendors and have the same complaint. The plastic “steam” compartment broke after the first use (just as it did on my other 2 purchases). I am unable to purchase a replacement piece and contacting the company has not worked. NEW ARTICLE: Are steam flat iron better for your hair?

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What is The Best Ceramic Flat Iron for African American Hair?

What is the best ceramic flat iron for African-American hair? You'll find out right now.

Many people are searching for a way to have perfectly straightened hair. The process of finding the best flat iron for African American hair can be long and difficult. Many people are unsure of what to look for with these products.

Look no further, because in the following article is a list of ten different options for you! All flat irons have different settings and abilities, but all of the ones on this list are compiled to work perfectly with your hair texture.

The review of the top ten flat irons for black hair will lead you in the right direction of what to look for when purchasing a flat iron! This way, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to straighten your beautiful locks of hair. What are the best ceramic flat irons for African-American hair? See the list below...

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron — Best Flat Iron for Natural Black Hair. 2. Conair INFINITIPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron — Best Flat Iron for 4C Hair.

What is the Best Flat Iron for African-American Hair? Best Ceramic Flat Iron

The BaBylissPRO Nano flat iron is my go-to flat iron. The temperature changes easily and can come up to 450 degrees. The titanium plates have a ventilating system which provides extra protection for all hair types, delivering a smooth and shiny finish.

Choosing a flat iron for African-American or other ethnic hair types is not much different from choosing a flat iron that will work well on thick or curly hair – the difference is in the preparation and treatment needed before and after straightening. Ethnic hair tends to be coarse, but African-American hair is the most porous – meaning it is easier to lose moisture & sustain heat damage. Using moisturizing conditioners regularly is more important when heat styling black hair, before and after styling.

Shine-enhancing products commonly used on black hair are not the best choice when using a flat iron – spray laminators or oil based products can literally fry on hot surfaces, so use sparingly or not at all (tourmaline or titanium will add natural shine by smoothing hair). Other than that, much like coarse hair of any ethnic type, the trick is in straightening small sections at a time, looking for wider plate sizes (1 1/2″ & up), and practicing to find the right heat and technique.

Two of The Best Ceramic Flat Irons for African American Natural Hair

There are two kinds of flat irons: the ionic Babyliss, FHI and GHD flat iron and the ceramic flat iron. Each offers unique benefits that you need to understand so that you know which one to use for particular style choices. It may even be wise for you to own both kinds, especially if you like to change up your hair styles quite often.

Infrared Hair Straightener vs Ceramic

The ionic flat iron works by infusing negative ions into your hair. This concept was originally considered to be the most beneficial, but studies have shown that it actually leads to more damage. Infrared Hair Straightener vs Ceramic is a premium debate. Ceramic irons use ceramic plates which heat the hair a little differently. You might want to check out this article about is the Bio Ionic 10X flat iron worth the money?

Ceramic irons also heat more evenly, which gives you more control over the heat, which is important, obviously, because too much heat can and will damage your hair. What is the best ceramic flat iron for African-American hair. See the best ceramic flat iron for Black hair HERE.

Best Titanium Flat Iron for Thick Hair

top straightening-iron-for-natural-hair-silk-press-how-long-last.jpg
Best Titanium Flat Iron for Thick Hair

Ceramic plates heat the hair from the inside out, while titanium heats from the surface of the hair shaft and the best titanium flat iron for thick hair while premium-grade titanium flat irons provide a quick heat-up time and conduct heat evenly throughout the iron for a wonderful smoothening result, if not used properly, they can cause serious damage to the hair.

Is Titanium or Ceramic Better for Thick Hair?

A thick hair type will need more heat and therefore work better with titanium. Ceramic, on the other hand, is suitable for Fine hair which causes less heat damage. If you've damaged or color treated hair, you obviously require moisture, the best for that is a ceramic.

What is the best titanium flat iron?

Top Pick. Neuro Smooth Flat Iron. $150.00. - Compact size. Read review. Check on Amazon.

High heat conductivity, even heat distribution and enough negative ions producer – these are the topmost things you can get from titanium while it is used in a flat iron or hair straighteners. Titanium flat iron is also safe to use mostly on thick and natural types of hair while others do little harm on specific hair. If you are conscious about your hair-health, then this flat iron can be your ultimate choice.

Best Titanium Flat Iron for Thick Hair and Best Results

You all know that heat is mandatory to straighten your hair. But that heat has to be safe for your hair, right? Here, titanium hair straighteners are one step further. It produces very high and even heats which are good for almost all types of hair as well as it is safe to use on thick, dry, frizzy and damaged hair. The safe heat producing ability makes it superior to other flat irons in most of the cases. A titanium flat iron can be your best choice if you have thick/coarse, natural or kinky hair.

Runner Up. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1" Ultra-Thin… $129.99. Ultra-thin plates. Read review. Check on Amazon.
Premium Pick. Sam Villa TEXTUR Professional Texturizing Hair… $149.95. Extra volume of your hair. Read review. Check on Amazon. Best Titanium Flat Iron for Thick Hair.

Which is better for Black hair, titanium or ceramic?

The answer is titanium. Titanium should be used over ceramic flat irons for Black hair because titanium gives you higher temperatures making it easier to straighten thick and coarse type 4 Black hair.

Ceramic flat irons are usually not sufficient at straightening type 4C Black hair because they do not stay as consistently hot as the best Titanium flat irons. The most popular natural hair salons in the world use Titanium flat irons on kinky-textured Black hair because it allows you to straighten faster and with greater results. Best Titanium Flat Iron for Thick Hair.

Best Flat Iron for Waves Short Hair

Best flat iron for waves short hair, this flat iron hair straightener guide is quality.

Top 7 Best Flat Irons for Short Hair

  • AmoVee Mini Flat Iron.
  • CHI G2 Hairstyling Iron.

Best flat iron for waves short hair that's kinky

So, you’ve recently learned the hair wizardry that is curling your hair with a straightener. You may now be wondering ‘Hmm, what is the best flat iron for curling hair?’

Armed with your new found hair styling expertise, you know the kind of tool you’re looking for will be a curved flat iron. Plus, with your new skills, you want something that is a hair straightener, blow dryer, or curling iron in one. A tool that covers both bases well. Leaving your hair glossy, smooth and straight, as well as voluminous and kinky-curly.

You do need to watch out for the heat though! This flat iron reaches up to 450 degrees F. It gets hot fast! While this high temperature is what makes it so effective, you need to be careful not to burn your hands (or hair).

It has Ryton housing that keeps it cool to touch, but you still need to be careful. Get yourself some heat protective gloves, as you’ll definitely need one if you intend to use this on the highest temperature setting. There’s an LED flat iron with built in comb temperature display and you can adjust the heat settings using the + and – buttons beside it.

Top flat irons for short hair waves on 4c hair

It’s also wise to use heat protectant spray in your hair to reduce the damage caused by the high temperature. It’s important to work quickly when curling at this heat to avoid leaving the straightener on a section of hair too long and risk breaking it off. However, if you’re confident in your abilities at making flat iron curls, this tool could be the one for you!

Well, how do you go about finding the perfect straightener that also curls hair?
The best place to start is the internet, of course! Not only can you find almost every product under the sun online with a quick search, you also have the benefit of reading reviews. Shop for the best flat iron for short hair waves on 4c hair HERE.

What Size Babyliss Flat Iron Should I Get?

What size babyliss flat iron should I get? When buying flat irons, you will note that they come in a variety of size options. When it comes to straightening and styling your hair, flat iron sizes have enormous effects on the success and final result of your hair. The width of the the flat iron is not only the thing that varies. Some Babyliss Pro straighteners have longer plates as well.

FHI runway flat iron fhi flat iron

Before settling for a particular flat iron size, it’s good to ask yourself the following questions:

Is your hair short, mid-length or long?
Is it coarse or fine?
Do you want to straighten your hair and curl it as well using your flat iron?
How much time do you want to spend on styling?
The answers to these questions will help you choose the perfect flat iron sizes for your hair. This Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair Silk Press guide will explain in detail the flat iron size options. Read on to know the flat iron size options so that you can choose one that suits your hair.

What Size Babyliss Pro Flat Iron Should I Get?

Standard Size
Hair straighteners most often come in 1-inch plate sizes. It’s fairly standard, and it can be used on just about every kind of hair (long or short). While it’s not ideal for every situation, it should be suitable if you need an all-purpose hair straightener. Is Babyliss better than GHD? Find out in this GHD vs Babyliss flat irons, curlers and blow dryers review battle.

Smaller Options
There are straighteners that come in sizes smaller than 1 inch, and they’re best for short hair as well as hair that requires you to get very close to the scalp. This works for both thick and fine short hair.

Short, fine hair requires you to be able to control the amount of heat you are putting on it, so smaller plates are better. Thick hair that’s short often requires slow movement and consistent heat which can be better controlled with small plates.

Plates that range from 0.5 inches to 0.75 inches are considered small, and these are generally used for precision. Small irons mean straightening small sections, and problem hair often responds better to that while holding the style for longer.

Small and standard hair straighteners are also better for styling purposes if you want to use the iron for anything other than straightening
While it’s possible to use larger straighteners for curling, adding body, and other quirky tricks, unless your hair is very long you won’t get much action out of a large iron. For tight or medium curls, waves, twists, and other styles, you do need a straightener that is 1 inch or smaller.

Getting Bigger
The longer the hair the faster you’ll be able to straighten with a large-bodied iron, but remember the heat is often the most important thing. It may take up extra time to straighten long hair with a small iron, but the right heat setting will keep your hair straight longer than the wrong one on a big iron.

Another thing many people don’t think about is what the grip is like. If you can’t comfortably hold a hair straightener, you aren’t going to want to use it when the time comes to get pretty.
If you have small hands as I do, you need a straightener with a smaller grip which either means buying a small plate size or an iron with a handle that is smaller than the large plates.

Anything larger than a one-inch plate is considered a large iron, and larger plates are great for thick or fine hair that’s very long. Irons can be found in 1.25 inch, 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, as well as 2 inches and even 2.5-inch models. Of course, the size you pick is also a matter of preference.

Grip and Weight
One of the bigger issues to watch for with your iron as the plates get larger is the weight. Heavy can be difficult to use for too long, but too light can also be a problem. Lightweight irons can be easy to break.

If your hands are larger, a tiny iron might make it too easy to wrap your hand around too much when you’re using it, and then you can burn yourself. That’s not only uncomfortable but it’s dangerous (something else to think about before buying one).

Consider The Specs
Before buying a hair straightener, make sure you know what you need. The longer the hair the bigger the iron you can get away with, but styling is harder. If you want an all-purpose tool a 1-inch is the way to go. If you just want to straighten super long hair, the bigger the iron the better. For bobs and other short cuts, small means precision. See the best Babyliss Pro flat irons right here...

101 Short Hairstyles For Black Women - Cute Natural Haircuts

Short hairstyles for black women are one of the natural hairstyles that many newly natural women use. Especially after a big chop in the first year of transitioning to natural, cute short haircuts for black women are beautiful!

Even among women who are not into the natural hair movement, short haircuts are very popular and there are a ton of great hair products for short hair now. More than ever.

When done right, these styles are definitely fierce and display a woman's confidence. So we're going to give you 101 amazing cute short haircuts for black women styles to give you some new ideas that you can try for yourself.

You can also share this article with your friends who never seem to find a hairstyle that they like, especially is they have coily type 4b hair or 4c hair.

Advantages of Short Hairstyles for Black Women

One things is for sure – short hair will never go out of style. Also, the shorter your hair is, the easier it is to switch hair hues and manage your  curls. Short hairstyles are easy to care for and will save you a bunch of time in the morning when getting ready for work.

[ Wanna grow hair? Find natural hair products for black hair for growth and also see MSM hair growth pictures]

We collected 101 pictures of ladies who look great with their short hairstyles. They might inspire you to find a great style for yourself.

Real talk, cutting your hair in order to embrace natural hairstyles after a lifetime perming and chemically damaging your hair, may be one of the best decisions ever. There’s an extensive list of reasons why short hairstyles are the best option for some women. If you feel like you still want to discover new short hairstyles for black women for your cropped tresses try using these 101 natural hairstyles. Many women say that their hair feels healthier, it dries much more predictably when it's short especially when you get the benefits of using Argan MoroccanOil for your hair.

Experimenting with a close-cut ‘do after doing the big chop has been called "liberating" by many naturals. And there are so many things you can do with short natural hairstyles, you can try layered haircuts, curly hair short styles,  It makes perfect sense that cutting your hair short feels like a cleanse.

Some Of The Styles You'll Find In Our cute Short Haircuts for Black Women Gallery

  • Crop cut hairstyles
  • Short on the sides hairstyle
  • Cute short haircuts for black women
  • Short natural hairstyles
  • Natural hairstyles for work
  • Hair cuts with coloring
  • Curly short hairstyle

Enjoy these natural hair styles photos and natural hairstyles for short hair. If you want to get reviews of the best natural hair products you can get product reviews right here. And we also have selected our favorite natural hair products for short hair.