Is The Beachwaver Pro Worth The Money?

You wondering "is the Beachwaver pro worth the money?"

The Amazon reviews are NOT impressive...

Atleast from women with natural kinky Black hair...


Curling irons come in a variety of styles, shapes, and features. With some, you can get a single end or a double end.

This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three major designs in the Beachwaver pro series.

The first advantage to the Beachwaver curling iron. The handle is usually ergonomically designed.

A better grip, greater resistance, and a more comfortable hold on the handle will improve your hair curling game. You will spend less time holding the handle, which means more time curling with your hands free.

The second disadvantage is the design of the grip. The handle is actually a bendable aluminum plate with a spiral design that stays centered under the ring. The handle also has a straight portion that attaches to the curve in the handle. The straight portion will give you a better grip to curl kinky hair because it will prevent your arms from slipping. This grip will improve your form and prevent wrist injuries.

The third advantage is the shape of the handle. It has a much better shape than other curling irons. The less radius of your wrist will allow you to give the curling surface more access to your body.

The last disadvantage is the cost, the main reason so many people ask is the Beachwaver pro worth the money...

More Expensive Than Most - Is the Beach Waver PRO Worth It?

The Beachwaver Pro series is more expensive than many of the other curling irons and it's definitely not an option for the best flat iron for silk press styling. It also can be difficult to find a sales rep who can walk you through the simple setup process, which can be a step-by-step process for someone who is new to curling hair.

The most important advantage is the presence of a bearing end at the top of the handle. This end will allow you to easily hook the curling handle in both directions, to get both ends to lock together. If you are good with the spin, this feature can produce a larger spin.

The other disadvantage is the shape of the top. It is a rounded barrel which may not give you the best grip. You will also need to adjust the ring to fit the curvature of your wrist. If you get a larger ring, you may need to get a larger rim or have more elbow room. This can increase the cost. [ See this article about the best blow dryers for natural hair ]

The final disadvantage is the range of motion. The range of motion of the grip is not very wide. This means that you cannot hold your wrist very straight in the curling grip. For example, you may be able to hold your wrist straight at one end, but you will need to raise your arm or stretch your elbow to hold it straight at the other end.

Beachwaver Curling Iron Review Video

Is The Beachwaver Pro Worth The Money? Some Say NO Because....

This problem has been addressed in heavy duty models. The dual bearing sections of some of the Beachwaver pro series models can eliminate the need for an adjustable rim. This means that if you get a very tight grip, you can adjust the radius of the handle to give a much tighter grip.

There are also other disadvantages. For example, some of the larger models will be more expensive. In order to get a large area of curling room, they need to be thicker, which increases the weight. The strength and durability of the roller may be a factor in the cost as well.

What is important is that you understand the advantage and disadvantages of the Beachwaver pro series to decide is the Beachwaver pro worth the money before you spend your cash.

You will know that you are getting an advantage by giving yourself a few extra minutes per session to get to know the curling iron and the different techniques that can be used with it before you buy it. See more reviews at Amazon...