The Advantages & Challenges of Going Natural - Black Hair

We all know that the trend of going natural is increasingly growing but relaxer free is not for everyone.

As a licensed stylist for over 13 years I have seen and heard many stories from clients who have succeeded and failed at this growing trend, so let me give you are few pros and cons of going natural.

Editor’s Note:kinky-weave3From - As they say, "nothing worth having comes easy". In this short write-up by celebrity stylist Keisha George, she breaks down 3 reasons to go natural and 3 reasons it may be difficult to do so. Her list isn't showing a bias or leaning in either direction, she is just telling you what she has seen in her line of work with black women going natural more and more. Some women get excited about the idea of joining the natural hair movement and then get discouraged at the new challenges they face. It's better to know the good and bad ahead of time and see if going natural works for you and your lifestyle. Here are our article highlights:


    • 1. Better Hair Growth
    • 2. Endless New Styles To Try
    • 3. Color Your Hair With Less Damage

  • 1. Getting Charged More At Salons For Working With Natural Hair
  • 2. Natural Hair Is More Work To Maintain
  • 3. More Fear of Sweating

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