The TRUTH About The Inversion Method For Hair Growth

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Listen, if you DO HAVE TIME for foolishness, skip this article. Because folks out here lookin' a whole fool doing the "inversion method" when it's so unnecessary for consistent hair growth.

You may have seen sistas saying that it worked for them, I will explain what is ACTUALLY causing their hair growth and show you how to get that growth without doing yoga positions and gymnastics, lol.

I can't have my peeps out here lookin' cray...

First Let's Explain What The Inversion Method For Hair growth Is...

The inversion method has three parts...

  • 1st - You warm up an oil or combination of oils of your choice.
  • 2nd - You massage the warm oil into your scalp.
  • 3rd - You go against gravity and flip or invert your head over for four minutes.

You're supposedly supposed to do this every day for a set period of time, I've noticed that the women who grew hair did this process for a month or more. This leads me into WHY they are growing hair, and it's not from having their head hanging upside down Dracula-style....

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What's REALLY Going On For Hair Growth

First, let's take a closer look at what's really going on. Cells in human body love warmth, PERIOD.

You know that soothing feeling you get when you're warm and wrapped up all comfy in your blanket?

Well, that's the same way your blood vessels feel in your scalp when you warm up a quality hair-growth oil and massage it in.

It's a small way of helping your blood vessels relax so you can pump more blood smoothly, the warm oil helps and the action of scalp massages will help you warm up that area even more.

These two actions done CONSISTENTLY lead to more blood flow, a healthier growth environment for your scalp and more consistent hair growth. These two steps alone. You would get the exact same results without risking an injury and inverting your scalp. So why do people promote the "inversion method"???

Here's The Trick & Why Some Women NEED The Inversion Method

Some women need to BELIEVE that they are doing something unique and revolutionary in order to do the boring-yet-proven-to-be-effective hair growth techniques ON A CONSISTENT BASIS.

Many of us are guilty of this... See, for some it's hard to imagine the huge hair growth benefits you get from regularly massaging your scalp. WHY?

Well, many women discount the benefits of scalp massaging because...

  1. It has a cumulative effect, you must have patience in order to start seeing results.
  2. While massaging we can't actually see what's going on beneath the scalp.

See how boring and unexciting simply massaging your scalp with oil everyday sounds??? BUT...IT...WORKS!

So, when someone says that THE KEY IS DOING IT UPSIDE DOWN for a month straight it sounds like a new secret and it's exciting to try. it simply makes you do the boring, consistent work and be excited about it.

Check out this video about the growth behavior of hair right quick and then finish reading this article, you'll learn a ton of great info!

Video Tutorial: The Growth Behavior of Natural Hair

The Reason Why CONSISTENT Oil Massaging Grows Hair - No Inversion Needed

Oil massaging super-charges the ever-important role that healthy and strong blood flow to your follicle plays in growing lots of natural Black hair.

The function of the cells in our hair follicles is to...

  • Take in nutrients.
  • Produce proteins.
  • and eliminate waste...

So if you can find a way to improve the taking in of nutrients to your follicles you'll get more protein production and more hair growth. inversion method nutrients

That's why scalp massaging is so effective with or without the inversion method, doing a gentle 10-minute scalp massage every day with 30-second breaks will make a big difference for the better.

Remember, you're not doing a deep tissue massage, so don't wear your scalp out, just rub lightly in a small area at a time to avoid damaging your hair strands and follicles.

Don't worry, simply rubbing a small section stimulates a wide area of vessels, so try not to move around so much. As a result...

The blood in your scalp's blood vessels rushes in faster through that area and since the blood is carrying nutrients that your cells will absorb, they're getting more fuel for growth and in turn are producing more protein to make more hair.

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She Did a 7-Day Inversion Test - See If it Worked

Problems That Can Come With The Inversion Method

Spending an extended period of time with your head upside down can disturb your body's natural flow, so be careful if you try this.

Improper use of the inversion method can cause other serious issues in your body especially if you already have a pre-existing condition like a hernia, low or high blood pressure, glaucoma, if you're pregnant, if you recently had a stroke, ear infection, obesity, swollen joints, pinkeye or if you're plain ol unhealthy.

And since you get an even better result from consistent head massages a healthy well-rounded diet and a consistent heart-rate pumping exercise regimen, there is no need to do the inversion hair growth technique.

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